5 Ways to Make Your Shop More Secure

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5 Ways to Make Your Shop More Secure

Posted By Trevor Fox

If you run your own shop then you’ll know that security is always a big concern.

With this in mind, below are some of the best ways to make your shop more secure. 

1. Install CCTV

CCTV is a must when you run a shop. You should have CCTV installed inside your shop so you can record any crimes that you might need evidence for later on. Depending on the type of shop you have, you should also consider having CCTV installed on the outside of the building to deter criminals.

2. Get good insurance

Although insurance won’t make your shop more secure, it will ensure that you’re fully compensated if something goes wrong. Shop insurance policies are typically highly tailored to the needs of each business, so you’re able to choose the exact level of cover you need.

Building insurance is standard but you can also select from cover for liability claims, tools, stock, cash and vandalism.

3. Consider hiring security staff

A lot of shop owners are put off from hiring a security guard, not only because of the added expense of another full time employee but also because they fear it could be intimidating to customers and ruin the atmosphere of their shop. This is certainly not an unfounded concern, especially for businesses such as coffee shops where the atmosphere is so important to customers.

However if you feel your shop is particularly vulnerable to being robbed then a visible security present can be one of the most deterrents and is well worth considering.

4. Make your shoplifting policy clear

Most criminals are opportunists and looking for a crime that comes with the most reward for the smallest amount of risk. If potential shoplifters thinks that they can get away with stealing from your shop with little-to-no consequences then it makes it much more likely to be targeted by thieves. To combat this problem you should make your shoplifting policy very clear. When shoplifters know that they will face prosecution if caught then they’re less likely to attempt to steal from your shop.

5. Be alert

It might sound simple but just being alert and aware of what’s going on in your shop can be enough to decrease the risk of theft significantly. Often shoplifters will only decide if they’re going to steal when they’re already in your store and notice that nobody is really keeping a close eye on things.

Written by Trevor Fox

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