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About Us

Posted By Trevor Fox

Safer Fareham is a blog for home, business and vehicle security. Our aim is to prove home, business and vehicle owners with actionable advice on how to protect their valuable assets.

Crime rates in the UK are certainly a big problem and it’s one that doesn’t look likely to go away any time soon. Therefore each individual must take responsibility for their own property and take the required steps to be more secure.

Below are some useful links to the different sections of the site –

Protecting Your Home

Every aspect of home security is covered, from the importance of installing a security alarm to the best types of doors and windows to invest in for your property. There is also advice on securing sheds and outhouses.

Protecting Your Business

If you’re a business owner then you absolutely must take any steps you can to make your premises, tools and cash as secure as possible. This section covers business security in detail, from securing your premises itself to making your cash secure.

Protecting Your Vehicle

Theft of and from vehicles is a big problem in the UK. This section covers how to make your car more secure and less likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals.

Free actionable advice on how to protect your valuable assets

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