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The Best Ways to Improve Security in a Hotel

Posted By Trevor Fox

Running a hotel is a lot of work. There are so many things you have to stay on top of, from keeping customers happy to ensuring that your staff are doing their job properly.

Security is always a big concern for hotel owners. You want to be sure that your hotel is a safe and comfortable environment for guests and for your employees too. With this in mind, below are some of the best ways to improve security in your hotel.

Train your staff well

Training your staff well is a very good way to make your hotel more secure. You should train them to be vigilant and they should be aware of what to do if they notice anything going on that shouldn’t be. Just taking this step alone will help to make your hotel more secure and reduce the likelihood of problems arising.

Use CCTV to prevent liability claims

When you run a hotel, liability claims are always something you have to worry about. For example if a guest had scalding tea spilled on them by mistake by one of your staff or they slipped on a wet floor, then you could easily find yourself facing a liability claim for injury. Liability claims don’t only come from guests though, they can also come from employees too.

Although a good hotel insurance policy will cover you for liability claims, it’s much better to avoid them to begin with. Having CCTV in your hotel will help tremendously when it comes to avoiding liability claims, especially bogus claims from customers who are simply looking for an easy opportunity to make money.

Make the car park secure

With hotels, very often it’s the car park rather than hotel itself that thieves will target. This is particularly true of more upmarket hotels that are likely to have expensive vehicles in the car park.

In order to keep the car park of your hotel safe you should ensure that it’s well lit, there are CCTV cameras installed and ideally there is an attendant there at all times.


Written by Trevor Fox

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