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Flats and Apartments

Posted By Trevor Fox

If you own flats or apartments then it can be easy to assume that they’re less likely to be targeted by burglars since they are filled with tenants. This however is not the case since burglars will often target flats and apartments due to the easy access through communal entrances.

Below are some tips on how to make communal entrances more secure and the different types of access control systems that are available.

Making communal entrances secure

Below are some tips to make communal entrances more secure –

  • Get a strong door that comes with a strong door frame and good quality locks
  • Invest in an audio-visual system so tenants can see and hear who’s at the door before granting them access
  • Access from the inside should be possible via a single key-less action
  • Reinforce frames using a ‘London’ or ‘Birmingham’ bar
  • The internal letterbox should have a grill preventing the handle being accessed or keys being able to be fished through it
  • Any balcony or patio doors should have a 3 point locking system
  • Install motion-sensitive security lighting above any communal entrances
  • Install a visible intruder alarm near the communal entrance

Types of communal entrance access control

Non-electronic access control

If your communal door is unlocked manually then it should be fitted with an automatic deadlocking facility. It should also have a mortice deadlock latch, which you should encourage tenants to use as much as possible. It’s always important to ensure that your tenants can get out of the building in the case of an emergency without the need for a key. Where security and fire safety is concerned, fire safety must always take priority.

Electronic access control

A way to increase security that a lot of landlords are investing in is electronic access control. Electronic access control can make you communal entrance safer but it’s vital that safeguards are incorporated and that your tenants are able to get out of the building even in the event of a power failure.


  • Burglars are much more likely to target flats and apartments that do not have strong security measures in place
  • Security lights and alarms will make the property much more secure
  • Whether you have electronic or non-electronic access control on the communal entrance, tenants must be able to leave the building without the need for a key

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