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How to Keep Your Thatched Home Safe

Posted By Trevor Fox

If you’re lucky enough to own a thatched roof property then you’ll want to take any steps you can in order to keep it safe.

Thatched properties can be particularly susceptible to the risk of fire so you should certainly take the right precautions in order to ensure your home is as safe as possible.

Below are some of the best ways to keep a thatched home safe.

Have your chimney and flue inspected regularly

A lot of thatched properties have a fully functional chimney and fireplace. This is of course part of the charm of owning a thatched home but the potential danger that it presents is  also something you need to be aware of.

Using your fireplace regularly isn’t something you need to be worried about, providing you take the right precautions. That means having your chimney and flue inspected by a professional as well as having it cleaned at least once a year and having a smoke alarm fitted.

Get an electric inspection

The risk of fire is something that every thatched home owner has to be conscious of. The risk of fire doesn’t just come from the fireplace and chimney but also from electricity. Unsafe or exposed wiring and a thatched roof do not mix well together so you should ensure that a full electrical inspection of your home is carried out by a professional. Most insurance providers will insist on this before they provide cover.

Get a good insurance policy

When you own a thatched property you’ll want to get quotes from specialist providers who can cover you for the full rebuild cost of your home. Sites like make it very easy to get thatched property insurance quotes and using such a site could save you a good deal of money.

Don’t neglect home security

Keeping your thatched property safe isn’t just about preventing the risk of fire but also deterring criminals. Criminals are often drawn to more unusual properties since they make the assumption that there will be plenty of valuables inside.

If you have any windows or doors in your property that can easily be seen through, then it’s worth having net curtains or blinds installed. Bifold doors are very popular now and you can get bifold doors blinds if you want to make them more private and secure.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of your thatched home by installing CCTV and security lights but you should certainly consider investing in a home security alarm at least in order to put off potential burglars.

Written by Trevor Fox

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