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Safety Considerations of Owning a Horse

Posted By Trevor Fox

If you currently own horses or you’re thinking about buying one then you need to be aware of the safety concerns that come with owning such a large and expensive animal. Owning a horse is not like owning a cat or a dog. They require a considerable amount of space and require a constant investment of time and attention all year round; not to mention money.

Below are some of the biggest safety considerations of owning a horse, at home, when travelling and at shows.

At home

In order to own a horse, you’ll need a property with stables and a field so the horse can get regular exercise.¬†Preventing the theft of your horse at home means making your property and the field where the horse is kept, as secure as possible. You should ensure there’s a large fence around the field¬†where your horse is kept. The fence doesn’t have to be so large that a person cannot climb over it; it is more to prevent the horse being removed if somebody did gain access to the field. In addition to a fence, you should also ensure that secure gateposts and gates are in place.


Transportation is something you need to think about when you own a horse too. In order to transport your horse safely you’ll need to get a horse trailer or a horsebox. Many people opt for a horse trailer since it’s the cheaper option and horse trailer is usually covered as part of a car insurance policy. However it’s worth pointing out that a car insurance policy will usually not cover your horse trailer for accidental damage, theft or vandalism. Therefore if you want to get full protection it’s a good idea to get a special horse trailer insurance policy.

At shows

If you’re planning to take your horse to shows across the country then you also need to think about safety while you’re there. A lot of the equipment that’s used for horses can be very costly and therefore is vulnerable to theft. You should ensure that any expensive equipment is always kept within sight or safely locked in the boot of your car. You should also ensure that your horsebox/trailer is kept somewhere safe .

Written by Trevor Fox

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