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Sheds and Outbuildings

Posted By Trevor Fox

When it comes to home security it’s very easy to focus solely on your house and neglect sheds and other types of outbuildings. This is understandable since your most valuable possessions are usually inside your house. However, if you have valuables in your shed, such a bike, lawnmower or power tools then you’d obviously rather not have them stolen. There are certain steps you can take to make your shed or outbuilding more secure. First let’s look at the most common items that are stolen from sheds.

The most common items stolen from sheds

  1. Bikes – Bikes are a notoriously easy thing for burglars to steal since they’re usually not traceable and are very easy to get away on quickly
  2. Lawnmowers – Lawnmowers are the second most common thing that are stolen from sheds.
  3. Sports equipment – If you have expensive sports equipment in your shed then it can easily be targeted by burglars.
  4. Power tools – Power tools are often expensive and come as part of a kit that can quite easily be resold.
  5. Gardening equipment – Gardening equipment is often stolen, even when it’s not particularly valuable.

Making your shed/outbuilding more secure

Below are some tips to make your shed or outbuilding more secure –

  • Add your shed/outbuilding to your home insurance policy if it isn’t already
  • Assess your shed for any vulnerabilities, such as loose hinges on the door or weak windows. Think about how you would break in and take any steps to improve the security of it.
  • Consider locking your bike to a ground anchor inside your shed. Put any tools inside a locker box and put them out of sight
  • Put a sheet over valuables such as bikes or lawnmowers
  • Consider investing in a motion-sensitive alarm for your shed


  • Homes that look more secure are less likely to be targeted by burglars, this includes sheds and outbuildings
  • Consider installing security lights and an alarm near your shed
  • Cover any valuables with a sheet or put them out of sight


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