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Suffolk Police Encourage Residents to Improve Home Security

Posted By Trevor Fox

Suffolk Police have encouraged residents in the area to make home security a priority in the new year. The idea is to cut home invasions by recommending that residents take steps to make their homes less likely to be targeted by burglars.

They include securing your home by keeping tools locked away and properties well lit, ensuring heating oil is locked up, improving online security and joining your local Neighbourhood Watch.

“Lots of us might leave our tools in the back garden, we know these are sometimes used to gain entry into properties.

We’re saying to people, get used to locking them – make sure your sheds are very secure and you have really good outdoor lighting.” – Chief Inspector Jo Garrard, Suffolk Police

Ways to make your home more secure

  • Lock windows and doors – This is a very obvious piece of advice but something that a surprising number of people neglect to do. Most burglars are opportunists and will look to target homes that have an easy point of entry such as on open window or door. Just taking this step alone will help to greatly reduce the chance of your home being targeted by burglars.
  • Remove valuables from sight –Burglars often peer in through windows and doors to see if there’s any valuables on sight. This being the case, it’s a good idea to remove any valuables from view, or if this isn’t practical, get net curtains or bi fold blinds for doors that can be seen through.
  • Leave lights on when you go out – This is something that’s very easy to do and doesn’t use too much power – something that can be a concern. Simply leaving a couple of lights on in your house will make it appear occupied and therefore much less likely to be targeted by burglars.
  • Get a home alarm – A visible alarm will make your home much safer and will usually be enough to put off potential burglars. You can either by an audible only alarm or one that’s professionally installed. A professionally installed alarm will alert the police when triggered so is the more secure of the two options.

Written by Trevor Fox

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