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Having solid windows that are fitted with locks is one of the best ways to make your home more secure. Opportunist burglars always keep a keen eye out for windows that are opened or look like they’d be easy to break so this is absolutely essential if you want to avoid having your home broken into.

The two main types of windows are single glazed and double glazed. Double glazed are certainly preferable since they are much harder to break and that will be enough to put most burglars off even trying to get through them. Below is an explanation of both types of windows.

Types of windows

  • Single glazed – Single glazed windows are much more vulnerable to attack since they’re much easier to break. Regular glass is easily breakable so it’s a good idea to consider laminated glass, which is much tougher and harder to break. It also doesn’t shatter like regular glass. There are a few different fittings that are used for single glazed windows, each with varying levels of security. Wooden sliding sash windows are popular but without any further fasteners, they are not particularly secure so it’s definitely recommended that you have sash stops fitted. Aluminium windows are usually secured by a locking handle. This are not very secure since they essentially lock the handle in place, rather than the window itself. They are also prone to coming loose over time and are quite easy to break open for burglars. You can fit additional locks to aluminium windows but you should ensure they leave enough room without coming into contact with the glass.
  • Double glazed – Double glazed windows are the other main type of windows you can get and in most cases they provide much better security than single glazed windows. The most important thing with double glazed windows is that the locking system is installed at the time of installation. This is because fitting locks after they’ve been installed is usually not practical and can cause damage to the windows and frames. The two main types of locking systems for double glazed windows are espagnolette dead lock shoot bolts.  Double glazed windows are not only much more secure but they’re also better at conserving heat, meaning you save on your energy bills during the winter, offsetting the larger initial investment.


  • You should close and lock your windows every time you go out. Even if you’re only going out for a few minutes, you should still ensure that your windows cannot be opened from the outside.
  • Ensure that your windows have the right types of locks and you have working keys for them.
  • Don’t leave any valuables near windows. This includes car keys, house keys or electronics such as phones or tablets.

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