Why Couriers Need Goods in Transit Insurance

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Why Couriers Need Goods in Transit Insurance

Posted By Trevor Fox

Whether you run a courier firm or you work as a freelance courier, getting the right goods in transit insurance cover is vital.

When you’re transporting packages for customers, you need to protect them against common risks such as theft, loss and damage.

Most courier firms will offer a minimum level of compensation as part of the service price but you also need to offer your customers the option of adding further insurance for more expensive items. This is why goods in transit insurance is so important for couriers.

Goods in transit insurance is a type of cover that’s usually included in a courier insurance policy that will protect the goods that you’re transporting. A courier insurance policy will not only include cover for goods in transit of course. You can also add additional types of cover to protect your business, such as road risks, breakdown cover and cover for liability claims from the public and employees.

Where to find goods in transit insurance

When looking for a goods in transit insurance policy, you should use an insurance comparison service so you can get quotes from multiple insurance providers. This is one of the best ways to save money and will enable you to get the perfect policy for your business at a price you can afford. There are many excellent insurance comparison services online where you can get quotes easily.

Check out Insure the Courier for more information.

Lowering the cost of a goods in transit insurance policy

There are some very reliable ways that you can reduce the cost of an insurance policy for a courier business. Some of the best ways are listed below –

  • Hire reliable drivers – The drivers you hire will make a big difference to the cost of a courier insurance policy. This is why you should always aim to hire drivers who have a lot of driving experience and who are at least 25 years of age. Older drivers with more experience are less likely to be involved in accidents and as a result, you’re less likely to have to make a claim.
  • Make your vehicles secure – You should install any security devices that will help to make your vehicles more secure and clear up who was to blame in an accident. GPS trackers and dash cams are definitely good devices to invest in.
  • Pay for the policy upfront – If you can pay for your insurance policy upfront on an annual rather than monthly basis then this is a very good way to reduce your premium.

Written by Trevor Fox

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