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If you want to make your home secure then having strong doors and windows is vital since they are method of entry for burglars. A lot of people select their front door with style being the main concern. The truth is you don’t have to choose between style and security since there are many great looking doors available that are also very secure.

Below is a guide to the different types of doors and locking systems that are available.

Types of doors

  • Wooden – Wooden doors are very popular thanks to their classic design and the fact that they’re secure when fitted properly with a good locking system. In order to be sure that a wooden door is secure enough there are certain things you should look for. Firstly the door should be made from solid timber. It should also have a 5-lever mortice lock a third of the way up the door and a deadlocking rim lock a third of the way down. In addition to a wooden door being made from solid wood, it’s also a good idea to reinforce¬†the frame by having a ‘London’ or ‘Birmingham’ bar fitted. ¬†The door itself should be at least 44mm thick and the hinges should be high quality 100mm hinges.
  • Glazed – The most important thing with a glazed door is the quality and strength of the glass panels that are used. It’s recommended that you get a door with laminated glass or at least glass that has been reinforced with security film. You should also make sure that the locking mechanism cannot be accessed through a broken pane for extra security.
  • Patio doors – Patio doors can often be targeted by burglars as a means of entry since they’re often not as secure as front doors. In order for patio doors to be secure they should have 3 locking points as well as an anti-lifting device fitted.


  • A strong frame that supports the door, hinges and lock is essential
  • Letterboxes should have an internal cover plate
  • Do not leave car keys or any other valuables near the letterbox
  • Have a viewer fitted so you can check who’s at your door before you open it
  • Consider having a London or Birmingham bar fitted for added security
  • Ensure the door is fitted with a 5 lever mortice dead lock

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