Protecting Your Vehicle Protecting Your Vehicle

Protecting Your Vehicle

Posted By Trevor Fox

After your home, your vehicle is likely your most valuable possession. This being the case you want to take any steps you can to make your vehicle more secure and less likely to be targeted by thieves. Before covering the best ways to secure your vehicle, let’s look at the most common items that are stolen from vehicles.

The 5 most common items stolen from vehicles

1. Electronics

Electronics such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets are very common items that are stolen from vehicles.

2. Bags left in view

Handbags, rucksacks and potentially valuable documents such as disabled badges are another very common item stolen from vehicles.

3. Number plates

Number plates are often targeted by thieves.

4. Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels can be re-sold quite easily, which makes them a common target for thieves.

5. Catalytic convertersĀ 

Unfortunately any parts that are valuable can be targeted by thieves too, including catalytic converters.

Making your vehicle more secure

Below are some excellent tips to make your vehicle more secure –

  • Make sure the doors are all closed properly and locked. Also ensure that windows are fully up and that the sunroof is fully closed. It’s never a bad idea to check your doors manually since automatic locking devices aren’t effective 100% of the time
  • Make sure you take any valuables, such as your phone, tablet, wallet, purse, bags etc. with you. If you cannot take them with you then at least make sure they’re out of sight and put in the boot or glove box
  • Remove any parking permits or portable sat navs. These are very easy to steal and are a big draw for thieves
  • Fit a locking petrol cap if your car doesn’t already have one as well as anti-tamper screws on your number plate
  • Make sure you park your car securely whenever possible. Indoor car parks are generally the safest since they’re usually barrier protected and have at least one person working on the premises. When parking at home, a locked garage is ideal, or failing this a driveway. Cars parked on the street are much more likely to be broken into.
  • Never leave your car keys near a door or window. Thieves will often fish car keys through a letterbox or break a window to get to them.

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