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The 5 Biggest Risks to Your Home

Posted By Trevor Fox

Most people dread the thought of anything happening to their home but at the same time don’t take enough precautions to ensure it is safe.

If you want to help improve the safety and security of your home then below are 5 of the biggest risks and what to do about them.

1. Burglary

Burglary is not an uncommon crime in the UK, with thousands of homes being broken into every year.¬†Having your home burglarised can leave you traumatised and worried about every little noise so it’s always recommended that you take any steps you can to prevent it.

In order to reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted by burglars, you should always ensure that you look doors and windows when you go out. In addition to this it’s always a good idea to leave a few lights on when going out at night. Having a burglar alarm fitted is also a very effective way to prevent your home being targeted.

2. Fire

Fire is another big risk to your home, especially if your family has smokers in it. Fire can be devastating and can easily lead to your home being completely destroyed as well as loss of life.

In order to prevent the risk of fire in your home you should make sure you have a smoke alarm installed and that you test the batteries are working regularly. You should also avoid using any candles in your home and if possible, forbid smoking in the house.

3. Vandalism

Vandalism is another common concern and is certainly not uncommon, especially at homes that are unoccupied. Vandalism might not destroy your home completely but it can be very upsetting and not to mention expensive to repair the damage.

In order to put vandals off targeting your home, you should install security lights and a security alarm. You should also ideally get a housesitter if you’re planning to go on an extended holiday.

4. Subsidence

Many homes in the UK are at risk of subsidence and this can often put off people from investing in a particular property.¬†Subsidence is basically when a building’s foundations become¬†compromised due to the ground beneath it being unstable.

If you suspect your property is suffering from subsidence then you should have it professionally surveyed. If it does have subsidence then you should seek out insurance for it immediately.

Always be sure to get subsidence insurance quotes from specialist providers as they will be able to offer you the best price.

5. Squatters

Many people don’t consider that their home could be targeted by squatters but it’s a very real possibility, particularly if you have a larger property and it’s unoccupied for a extended periods of time.

The best way to avoid squatters is to ensure there’s always somebody in your property. If that means hiring a housesitter full time then that’s what you should do.

An excellent way to make your home more secure is by improving privacy. Bifold door blinds provide an affordable and practical way to do this. Perfect fit blinds for French doors are so easy to fit and affordable too, so they’re definitely worth considering as a way to improve security.

Written by Trevor Fox

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