The Importance of Keeping Your Vehicle Safe Vehicle Security The Importance of Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

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The Importance of Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

Posted By Trevor Fox

For most people, their vehicle is one of their most valuable possessions. Unfortunately¬†the high value of cars means they’re often targeted by thieves and vandals.

There have been many incidents in the news recently of cars being vandalized. For example, in Leicester a gang of vandals recently smashed the windows of 40 cars as well as slashing their tyres. 

This type of petty car crime is not uncommon throughout the UK and it can be very stressful and not to mention expensive for the victims.

Luckily there are things you can do in order to decrease the likelihood of your car being targeted by vandals.

How to keep your vehicle safe

  • Park securely – Parking your vehicle securely is one of the best ways to reduce the chance of it being vandalized or stolen. Ideally you will have a securely locked garage you can store it in. Parking securely doesn’t just apply when you’re at home though; you should also ensure that you find a secure indoor car park when you’re going out anywhere.
  • Keep valuables out of view – One of the main reasons that cars are broken into is because valuables are left on display. Things such as sat nav holders, loose change, expensive clothing and electronics will all draw unwanted attention when left on display in your car. For this reason you should always take any valuables out of your car when you’re leaving it, or at least put them out of sight in the glove box or boot.
  • Invest in an alarm and central locking – The vast majority of modern vehicles come with an alarm and central locking as standard but if your car doesn’t have these features then it’s well worth getting them installed at a garage. Just an alarm alone will make your vehicle much less vulnerable to being stolen and will put a lot of potential thieves off.

Written by Trevor Fox

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